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Bear Cake + Chocolate Gift Set
$18.99 $24.49

Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion? This gift set gives you both cake AND chocolate! Includes the following:

1) One Bear Cake - Choose between Cheese Bear, Strawberry Bear or Chocolate Bear!

CHEESE BEAR: A bear-y cute white bear made with light and airy cream cheese mousse.

STRAWBERRY BEAR: A pink bear made with light and airy strawberry cream cheese mousse.

CHOCOLATE BEAR: A brown bear made with rich chocolate mousse and raspberry filling.

* Cheese Bear and Strawberry Bear contain dairy and gelatin. Chocolate bear contains dairy, egg and gelatin.

2) One Box of Nama Chocolate - Choose between Original or Matcha!

Nama chocolate is a soft ganache made with premium chocolate and fresh cream that literally melts in your mouth. Each box contains 20 pieces. This product MUST BE REFRIGERATED!

ORIGINAL: A silky smooth blend of rich dark chocolate, dusted with high quality cocoa powder.

MATCHA: A silky smooth blend of matcha-infused white chocolate, dusted with high quality matcha powder.

* Both flavours contain dairy, soybeans and trace amounts of alcohol.


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