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Red Velvet Cake

Must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance, even if the website form allows a faster pickup time. Please call us if you need it sooner, and we'll try to accommodate!

For custom sizes, please email us at edmontoninfo@pablocanada.com for a quote.

Introducing Pablo's red velvet — three layers of soft and fluffy sponge cake with luscious whipped cream cheese in between. You will find fresh strawberries in the bottom layer, and the strawberry jelly in the top layer adds a refreshing twist to this classic dessert.

Size - 6"

* Contains gelatin, dairy, eggs and gluten.

Strawberry Premium Cheese Tart

* Available by preorder only.

A twist on our premium cheese tart with strawberry glaze and a dash of gold dust! Indulge in the rich taste of this NY style cheesecake made with two types of specially selected cream cheese.

Size - 6"

Height - 1"

Good serving for 4 - 6 people. 

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten.

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