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Pablo Mini Box of 6

Customize your own box of 6 mini cheese tarts for $28 (tax included).

Simply add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Type your choices in the "Special instructions for seller" comment box.

Choices for the box: 

1) Original 

2) Matcha

3) Chocolate 

4) White Chocolate Raspberry 

5) Mango 

6) Peach

7) Blueberry 

8) Roasted Chocolate Almond Marshmallow

9) Apple Cinnamon 

10) Strawberry Daifuku 

11) Tiramisu

12) Strawberry 

13) Mont Blanc (Chestnut)

Size - 2" 

Height - 1" 

Serving for 1 

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten. Individual flavours may contain other allergens.

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart

Our signature product: flaky pastry with a deliciously soft and creamy filling, topped with apricot jam glaze. 

Size - 6" 

Height - 2" 

Good serving for 4 - 6 people.

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten.

Premium Cheese Tart

Premium cheese tart created with two types of specially selected cream cheese and topped with a layer of crispy brûlée surface. Indulge in the rich and refined flavour of the premium cheese tart.

Size - 6"

Height - 1"

Good serving for 4 - 6 people. 

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten.

Basque Cheese Cake

PABLO Basque Cheesecake is PABLO's special take on Basque cheesecake, and is made up of 40% cream cheese. While its outer layer is baked to perfection, take a bite and experience the rich and creamy inner texture filled with cheesy goodness.

Size - 5.1" 

Height - 2" 

Good serving for 2 - 4 people.

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten.

Classic Cheese Tart Smoothie

Our signature cheese tart in the form of a drink! Cheese cream and apricot smoothie topped with whipped cream, apricot drizzle and crushed tart pastry.

* Drinks will only be made when customers arrive in store to guarantee freshness.

Matcha Cheese Tart

Flaky pastry filled with delicious lava-like matcha filling, azuki red bean paste and chewy shiratama mochi. 

Size - 6" 

Height - 2" 

Good serving for 4 - 6 people.

* Contains dairy, eggs and gluten.

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