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Frantz Kobe Strawberry Chocolate Truffles

This gift box (180g) comes with 2 kinds of strawberry chocolate truffles. There are approximately 9-10 truffles of each flavour.

White Chocolate Truffles (90g)
Happiness for your mouth - Strawberry Milk bites

Morozoff FEUILLAGE Leaf Cookies

Morozoff is one of Japan’s leading luxury confectionery makers, starting from a chocolate shop in Kobe in 1931. FEUILLAGE has continued to remain in the hearts of the people of Japan as one of Morozoff’s best selling products since it was first brought out in 1986.

The charm of FEUILLAGE (meaning "leaf" in French) lies in its light, delicate texture and the exquisitely layered flavours. These slices of heaven are made with two thinly baked leaf-shaped cookies, and rich chocolate sandwiched in between. Topped off with sliced hazelnuts or almonds; roasted to perfection. So light, you will want one soon after the other.

This set of 12 FEUILLAGE cookies comes in a beautiful decorative tin box with 4 flavours:

3x almond and milk chocolate
3x almond and white chocolate
3x hazelnut and dark chocolate
3x hazelnut and milk chocolate

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